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The Edge Effect was formed in response to a community need to identify and assist youths who are going through turbulent transitions to adulthood and offer positive support systems that can assist in avoiding the pitfalls that can negatively impact or derail their lives.


The focus is slightly different in each project components and at each level but the goal remained the same; empower and challenge the young person to make positive changes in his/her life and provide assistance to their families during these transitions.


In 1980 the Corsons formed a core of dedicated professionals that began to research and develop what would later be the three project components.  


Timeline of Community & Volunteer Activities that Lead to the Creation of the Edge Effect


1980-1990 (Unincorporated)

Outdoor Exploration Programs for challenging youth Developed Extreme Sports Developed late night basketball and recreation programs Teen drop-in programs & couceling center   Mentoring and tutoring component for at risk teens.


1990-2000 (Unincorporated)

Initiated weekend drop-in basketball and recreation programs that was later adopted by Redmond Parks & Recreation Developed concept of a teen center that was later identified as the Old Redmond Fire House "Teen Center": Developed an intervention program for graffiti and tagging problem in Redmond that later resulted in the Hip Hop Walls in Redmond. Creation of a 'grass roots" construction company to support and train local youth. Wilderness Exploration Programs trips for teens & families Supported and volunteered at the initial Teen Feed dinners project Outdoor trips for people with Disabilities Drug & Pregnancy Prevention Programs HUD projects for low-income seniors Acres Of Diamonds Projects.  


2000-2020 (Unincorporated)

Camping trips for low-income youth After school programs for Youth At-Risk.


2000-2005 (Unincorporated)

Redmond Junior High (Now adopted by Redmond Parks & Recreation) Latino after school soccer programs HUD projects for low-income seniors Job training program for JH & HS students Kayaking Adaptive Paddling Programs Drug & Pregnancy Prevention Programs Creation of the Outdoor Adventure Center Adventure trips for student refugees from Afghanistan Ski & Snowboard trips for low-income students Native American youth programs Redmond Lights paddling events for the community Junior High Homework club Job Connections for High School students Index River House Rural Community Center.


2008 (Unincorporated)

Initiated "The Edge Effect"  as a comprehensive program to augment and re-establish "Project Smart Turn."



November established the 501.c.3 status


2013- 2020

Outdoor Education and Rural Community Program Development and volunteer work with American Canoe Association, Snohomish County Parks and Recreation, Outdoor Adventures.

2015-2020 Sponsored trips, classes, certifications, and leadership programs in Index Washington for at-risk youth, people with disabilities, disadvantaged populations.


Island Scenic OA (5)
5-9-09 RJH Raft NF (97)
Snow (1)
RJH Field & GYM (58)
bill & nick
River Scenic OA (3)
RJHsnow1 (1)
5-9-09 RJH Raft NF (66)
5-9-09 RJH Raft NF (228)
Island Scenic OA (41)
5-9-09 RJH Raft NF (184)
River Scenic OA (6)
5-9-09 RJH Raft NF (70)
Island Scenic OA (12)
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