January 1, 2010


To incoorperate local trained professionals that are dedicated and passonate about teen, families and community wellness.

To connect teens and families with community resources and outreach services; focusing on youth and assisting families by connecting them to specific programs to meet their needs and providing follow-up assistance as desired


To be community refuge centers; places where the youth and family units can find help and resources that will assist to stabilize them in times of crisis.


To provide instruction, training, and resources in crisis intervention, family needs and teen related issues.


To direct teens and families to long term professional counseling and intervention services, including youth services, drug and alcohol prevention programs, anger management programs, family reconciliation and recreation opportunities.


To provide outdoor experiences and experiential education opportunities.


To establish ongoing personalized assistance programs for teens at risk by prov...

January 2, 1994


"Taggers," as persons who perpetrate graffiti are often known, can strike with great speed and are often exceedingly difficult to apprebend.
Each year they deface large expanses of public and private property, causing untold damage at the expense of businesses, local government entities and individuals. 




In early 1993, Redmond, Washington, faced a citywide graffiti problem that threatened to overwhelm the police department' s 56 commissioned officers. The 42,000 residents of this Seattle suburb were filing over 60 graffiti complaints per month (out of an average total of 1700 complaints per month). Before January 1993, the department rarely fielded calls regarding graffiti.


Newspaper editorials implying that police and local government had not been responsive to the issue, or were not equipped to handle the problem, increased the sense of urgency about implementing an effective solution.


According to the complaints, both citizens a...

January 4, 1993


REDMOND - Redmond police Officer Bill Corson used to arrest Saul, Mike, Sean and a crew of semi-tough transplanted urban teen artists who spray-painted their names all over the city.


Now, after initiating peace talks with his former adversaries, this 38-year-old suburban cop is helping them find a place to practice their art.


The unlikely bond that's been forged between Corson and a subculture of outlaw graffiti artists, who call themselves "taggers," short for tags or nicknames they spray-paint on walls and signs, has kept Redmond graffiti to a minimum since June.


In exchange for their honoring a plea to stop tagging in Redmond, the City Council has agreed to build a wall solely for the youngsters to practice their graffiti art. It will be the only such "legal wall" supported by an Eastside city - and the very first publicly sponsored one in the Seattle area.


Seattle officials say two other cities, Denver and Los Angeles, once sponsored graffiti walls but had to shut them down becaus...

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January 1, 2010

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