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Why does The Edge Effect exist?

To incoorperate local trained professionals that are dedicated and passonate about teen, families and community wellness.

To connect teens and families with community resources and outreach services; focusing on youth and assisting families by connecting them to specific programs to meet their needs and providing follow-up assistance as desired

To be community refuge centers; places where the youth and family units can find help and resources that will assist to stabilize them in times of crisis.

To provide instruction, training, and resources in crisis intervention, family needs and teen related issues.

To direct teens and families to long term professional counseling and intervention services, including youth services, drug and alcohol prevention programs, anger management programs, family reconciliation and recreation opportunities.

To provide outdoor experiences and experiential education opportunities.

To establish ongoing personalized assistance programs for teens at risk by providing a location and personnel who will connect and monitor the individuals progress in programs listed in these articles.

To funnel youth into outdoor/environmental programs that initiate personal growth, and facilitate individual, team and community awareness. development, overcome obstacles, and develop community values.

To offer programs that promote abstinence as a viable alternative to sex education.

To provide community and global activities that promote teamwork, community, and diversity.

To connect teens with local mentoring, academic tutoring programs and after school homework labs.

To link participants to job connections.

To offer programs for personal growth and development.

To offer adaptive rehabilitation and outdoor programs for persons with disabilities.

To create new tools and equipment that promotes persons with disabilities to safely enjoy the outdoor environments and activities.

To engage in other activities related to our charitable purposes and to expand and redefine our programs from time to time as necessary to continue to meet the changing needs of the community.

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